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I have lived in Simi Valley my whole life, graduating from Simi High School, Go Pioneer’s!   In my early years working as a dental assistant I realized hygiene was the profession for me.  After graduating hygiene school I came to work here, at Simi Royal Dental Center, but was formerly Dr. Kolz dental practice.  I have been a dental hygienist here for almost 30 years.  My patients are like family.  I have seen generations come in and grow through my time at SRDC.  Dental hygiene has been my work passion for most of my adult life and a career I love.
I spend as much time with my daughter, who is away at college, as I can.  She is my best friend, I couldn’t be more proud and have loved watching her thrive! When I’m not working, or with my daughter, you can find me with friends and family.  Love hiking, anything outdoors, avid softball player, wine tasting just to mention a few things.  Being active in our community is something I enjoy and try making time for.

Dana Corley


Born and raised in Camarillo, California, I moved out to Simi Valley in 1993 when I bought my first home.  Simi Valley was quite different to me, a little intimidating, but it didn’t take long for it to feel like home. I was a dental assistant and office manager for a few offices until hard times had me choose a different career path.  Graduating from dental hygiene school in 2004 with top honors I was ready to embark on my next dental chapter.  
After a small time I found myself working for Simi Royal Dental Center in 2006 and it was clearly home for me.  I now have the opportunity and love of completely fulfilling my profession as a dental hygienist and office manager.  I love our dental family and work gives me a lot of joy.  In the last 10 years our dental family has grown, many patients are now close friends, I’ve watched families grow and this is so rewarding to me.  I am passionate about my field.  Attending seminars to better myself to pass along to our patients as well as community service events are some of the perks of my profession.
One of the things I loved about Simi Valley were how many folks were born and raised here and continued to stay and raise their own families.  The sense of family in our community was something I really loved and soon after starting my own family here in Simi became just as attached and wanted the same for my own children. Our home life is busy! 2 daughters, ages 18 and 11, along with 2 dogs a Puggle and Maltipoo keeps home very active!  I am very proud of my daughters tenacity in life and hope I had a little something to do with it.  When I have spare time, I’m usually finding projects for my house, possibly cooking, out with friends or doing something with my daughters.  
To Know Me:
I love to talk, knowledge, coffee, hair and makeup, earth tones, Twix and Heath bars, wine tasting and football season! Love our Rams are home!

Francine Urenda


Born and raised in Glendale, Ca where I graduated from Bryman College for dental assisting over 13 years.  I love being an assistant, but have now found my new passion in the dental field which is learning anything that has to do with running the front office.  I’ve now been doing the front for over a year and have learned so much.  I have worked for Simi Royal Dental Center for over a year and love the opportunity they have given me!
In my spare time I love to travel, eat at new restaurants with friends and snuggling with my baby chihuhua Puffins!
To know me: I love lobster, shrimp, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, the color pink and anything horror related!

Dr. Hoehn

A true NATIVE californian, Dr. H was born in Glendale CA, in the same hospital as his mother. He grew up in both the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley: pre Magic Mountain and Castaic Lake eras.
Dr. H attended the same Church affiliated school elementary, middle and high school, in Northridge. At an early age, my goal was to be a dentist. I always admired my family dentist in San Fernando. That influence carried over to my whole family. Both of my sisters are dental hygienists. We all graduated from Loma Linda University and we all still practice our profession in California.
During dental school, I was doing research and clinical trials with a pioneer in dental implants in the early 80’s. In my senior year, I spent 2 months in a dental clinic in Malawi, Africa. That was an amazing life experience that I cherish deeply.
After graduating from dental school in 1985, at the tender age of 23, we moved to Thousand Oaks, and have been in Ventura County since then. For the first twenty years, I worked in Thousand Oaks, Agoura, and North Hollywood at various offices. I’ve always had the goal of practicing in a private “family feel” style of practice.
In 2006, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Kolz and was able to take over his wonderful practice in Simi Valley. This has been the most rewarding step in my career.
Dr Hoehn has been married to Jean for 35 years, and we have 3 fantastic “kids”, all grown adults now. They all played high level soccer, which Dr H helped coach and referee. Jesse is now a fireman in LA City and is married. Julianne graduated from CSUN with a degree focusing on child development. She works with helping autistic kids at some local schools and at their homes and family interaction. Alyssa has graduated from UC Davis and is starting Veterinary Medicine School in 2016. I am very proud of each of them and their achievements.
Personally, Dr H still likes soccer, but had to recently give up active coaching. He also enjoys the beach and spending time with family near the ocean or the mountains. Family time and these outings are a big part of my life, as much as possible. As time allows, he volunteers in several community events and is a member of one of the Simi Valley Rotary clubs. Previously, he has volunteer professional services at the dental free clinic here in Simi. Giving back to Simi and Ventura County is a very rewarding endeavor.
Dentistry today holds many more satisfying procedures and treatment options. Dr. H has continued to improve his knowledge and clinical skills over the past 30+ years, with specific emphasis on implant dentistry and cosmetic procedures. The majority of his continuing education process is focused on these two specific areas. To me, the satisfaction that a patient can experience with these types of life improving options is priceless. It is what keeps dentistry and for Dr H, exciting and ultimately rewarding. By learning, growing and expanding our abilities, we will never let our profession grow old.

Tina Anderson


Born and raised here in Simi Valley, a true veteran of our city. Had a change in scenery in Ventura briefly, but ended up back in the city I love.  Went to dental assisting school 6 years ago because I wanted to further my education.  I’ve worked with Simi Royal Dental Center now for over a year and have found my dental home!  As I am the mother of a 15 month old they work with my schedule and I’m so appreciative.  My son is the love of my life! His father and I enjoy every part of being a parent and look forward to everyday.  
In my off time I love to spend time with friends and family having BBQ’s, pool time, lakes and enjoy all that our great weather allows us.  We have a passion for football season and watch it faithfully! Go Cowboys!
To know me:  Obsessed with Britney Spears, the Dallas Cowboys, sushi, donuts, pizza and the color green!